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1. Jeff Hardy - "No More Words" (performed by Endeverafter)


2. Kofi Kingston - "S.O.S." (performed by Collie Buddz)

3. Beth Phoenix - "Glamazon"

4. Mark Henry - "The Wall" (performed by Heet Mob)

5. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder - "In the Middle of It Now" (performed by Disciple)

6. Jillian Hall - "Sliced Bread"

7. Vince McMahon - "No Chance in Hell" (performed by Theory of a Deadman)

8. ECW Theme - "Don't Question My Heart" (performed by Saliva, featuring Brent Smith)

9. Jesse and Festus - "Biscuits & Gravy"

10. Candice Michelle - "What Love Is"

11. John Morrison - "Ain't No Make Believe"

12. Shelton Benjamin - "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" (performed by Axel)

13. Mr. Kennedy - "Turn Up the Trouble" (performed by Airbourne)

14. Chris Jericho - "Break the Walls Down"

WWE Presents Raw Greatest Hits: The Music (2008)
Download Full Album: http://uploaded.to/?id=ig0nmk

WWE - The Music - Greatest Hits (2007)
1. (00:02:57) Wwe John Cena And Tha Trademarc - The Time Is Now
2. (00:03:03) Jim Johnston - I Won't Do What You Tell Me
3. (00:02:56) Jim Johnston - If You Smell
4. (00:03:29) Triple H - The Game
5. (00:03:22) Shawn Michaels - Sexy Boy
6. (00:03:16) Jim Johnston - Rest In Peace
7. (00:01:59) Jim Johnston With Peter Bursuker - No Chance In Hell
8. (00:04:08) Saliva - I Walk Alone
9. (00:03:41) - Line In The Sand
10. (00:02:03) Jim Johnston With Adam Morenoff - Break The Walls Down
11. (00:03:02) Mick Foley - Wreck
12. (00:03:13) Jim Johnston With L'il Kim - Time To Rock & Roll
13. (00:02:51) Jim Johnston With Chris Classic - (619)
14. (00:03:41) Finger Eleven - Slow Chemical
15. (00:02:15) Jim Johnston With Chris Warren - Are You Ready?
16. (00:03:08) WWE - Melina
17. (00:03:34) Jim Johnston With Ted Nigro - Turn Up The Trouble
18. (00:02:47) Shane McMahon - Here Comes The Money
19. (00:03:58) Mercy Drive - Burn In My Light

Download Full Album: http://rapidshare.com/files/295572276/wwgh.rar



02. WrestleMania The Album [31.88 MB]

1. The WWF Superstars - “WrestleMania”

2. The WWF Superstars - “SummerSlam Jam”

3. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan - “USA”

4. The Nasty Boys - “Nasty Boy Stomp”

5. Bret “The Hitman” Hart - “Never Been A Right Time To Say Goodbye”

6. The Undertaker - The Man In Black

7. “Macho Man” Randy Savage - “Speaking From The Heart”

8. Tatanka - “Tatanka Native American”

9. Mr. Perfect - “I’m Perfect”

10. The Big Boss Man - “Hard Times”




03. WWF Full Metal The Album [40.56 MB]

1. The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam - “We’re All Together Now”

2. The WWF Superstars & Slam Jam - “Thorn in Your Eye”

3. Diesel - “Diesel Blues”

4. King Mabel - “The Lyin’ King”

5. 1-2-3 Kid - “1-2-3″

6. Goldust - “Goldust”

7. The Smokin’ Gunns - “Smokin’”

8. Psycho Sid - “Psycho Dance”

9. Razor Ramon - “Bad Boy”

10. Bret Hart - “Hart Attack”

11. Hakushi - “Angel”

12. The Undertaker - “Graveyard Symphony”

13. Shawn Michaels - “Sexy Boy”

14. Jeff Jarrett - “With My Baby Tonight”




04. WWF The Music Vol. 2 [42.97 MB]

1. The Undertaker - “Darkside”

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin - “Hell Frozen Over”

3. Ahmed Johnson - “Pearl River Rip”

4. Marc Mero & Sable - “Wild Cat”

5. Bret Hart - “You Start the Fire”

6. Vader - “Mastodon”

7. Mankind - “Ode to Freud”

8. Dude Love - “Dude Love”

9. Faarooq - “Nation of Domination”

10. Rocky Maivia - “Destiny”

11. Sycho Sid - “Snap”

12. Ken Shamrock - “Dangerous”

13. Flash Funk - “Can’t Get Enough”

14. Sunny - “I Know You Want Me”

15. Shawn Michaels - “Sexy Boy”





05. WWF The Music Vol. 3 [42.5 MB]

1. Undertaker - “Darker Side”

2. Edge - “You Think You Know Me”

3. X-Pac - “Make Some Noise”

4. Dude Love - “The Dudester”

5. Kane - “Burned”

6. The Rock “Do You Smell It”

7. Gangrel / The Brood - “Brood”

8. Ken Shamrock - “Dangerous Man”

9. Oddities (performed by Insane Clown Posse) - “Oddities”

10. D-Generation X (performed by Connecticut Yankee - “Break It Down”

11. Sable - “Wildcat 3rd Version”

12. New Age Outlaws - “Oh You Didn’t Know”

13. Val Venis - “Hello Ladies”

14. Stone Cold Steve Austin - “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me To”




06. WWF The Music Vol. 4 [40.64 MB]

1. “Break the Walls Down” (Chris Jericho)

2. “Big” (Big Show)

3. “No Chance in Hell” (The Corporation)

4. “Sexual Chocolate” (Mark Henry)

5. “This Is a Test” (Test)

6. “Car Wreck” (Mankind)

7. “Oh Hell Yeah”* (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

8. “Danger At the Door” (D’Lo Brown)

9. “Blood Brother” (Christian)

10. “Ass Man” (Billy Gunn)

11. “Ministry” (The Undertaker)

12. “My Time” (Triple H & Chyna) (later: Stephanie McMahon)

13. “On the Edge” (Edge)

14. “Know Your Role”* (The Rock)




07. WWF Aggression [43.01 MB]

1. Run-D.M.C. - “The Kings” (D-Generation X)

2. Kool Keith and Ol’ Dirty Bastard - “Wreck” (Mankind)

3. Method Man - “Know Your Role” (The Rock)

4. Snoop Dogg and WC - “Hell Yeah” (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

5. Redman and Rock of Heltah Skeltah featuring Peanut Butter Wolf - “No Chance” (Vince McMahon)

6. C-Murder featuring Magic - “I Won’t Stop” (Gangrel)

7. Tha Eastsidaz - “Big Red Machine” (Kane)

8. R.A. The Rugged Man - “Break Down the Walls” (Chris Jericho)

9. Bad Azz and Techniec - “You Ain’t Hard” (New Age Outlaws)

10. Ice T - “Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy” (The Godfather)

11. Mystikal and Ras Kass - “Game” (Triple H)

12. Mack 10, K Mac and Boo Kapone - “Big” (The Big Show)

13. Dame Grease Presents Meeno - “Ministry” (The Undertaker)




08. WWF The Music Vol. 5 [40 MB]

1. Triple H - “The Game” (performed by Motörhead)

2. K-Kwik - “Rowdy”

3. Tazz - “If You Dare”

4. Lita - “It Just Feels Right”

5. Kane - “Out of the Fire”

6. Eddie Guerrero - “Latino Heat”

7. Billy Gunn - “I’ve Got It All”

8. Raven - “What About Me?”

9. Chyna - “Who I Am”

10. Kurt Angle - “Medal”

11. Rikishi - “Bad Man”

12. Chris Benoit - “Shooter”

13. Scotty 2 Hotty - “Turn It Up”

14. The Rock (featuring Slick Rick) - “Pie”




09. WWF Forceable Entry [67.91 MB]

1. Drowning Pool - “The Game” (Triple H)

2. Kid Rock - “Legs” (Stacy Keibler)

3. Creed - “Young Grow Old”

4. Disturbed - “Glass Shatters” (Stone Cold Steve Austin)

5. Limp Bizkit - “Rollin’” (Dead Man Mix) (The Undertaker)

6. Our Lady Peace - “Whatever” (Chris Benoit)

7. Rob Zombie - “Never Gonna Stop” (The Black Cat Crossing Mix) (Edge)

8. Breaking Point - “One of a Kind” (Rob Van Dam)

9. Marilyn Manson - “The Beautiful People” (The WWF Remix) (WWF SmackDown!)

10. The Union Underground - “Across the Nation” (WWF RAW)

11. Sevendust - “Break the Walls Down” (Chris Jericho)

12. Saliva - “Turn the Tables” (Dudley Boyz)

13. Monster Magnet - “Live for the Moment” (Hardy Boyz)

14. Stereomud - “End of Everything” (Raven)

15. Neurotica - “Ride of Your Life”

16. Cypress Hill - “Just Another Victim” (Tazz)

17. Dope - “No Chance” (Vince McMahon)

18. Boy Hits Car - “Lovefurypassionenergy” (Lita)

19. Finger Eleven - “Slow Chemical” (Kane)†




10. WWE ThemeAddict: The Music Vol. 6 [47.48 MB]

1. Evolution - “Line in the Sand” (performed by Motörhead)

2. Carlito Caribbean Cool - “Cool”

3. Theodore Long - “MacMilitant”

4. Christian - “Just Close Your Eyes” (performed by Waterproof Blonde)

5. Heidenreich - “Dangerous Politics”

6. RAW Diva Search Theme - “Real Good Girl”

7. Chavo Guerrero - “Chavito Ardiente”

8. The Undertaker - “The Darkest Side (Remix)”

9. Eugene - “Child’s Play”

10. Victoria - “Don’t Mess With”

11. Shelton Benjamin - “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me”

12. Billy Kidman - “You Can Run”

13. SmackDown! Theme - “Rise Up” (performed by Drowning Pool)

14. Gail Kim - “International Woman”

15. John “Bradshaw” Layfield - “Longhorn”

16. John Cena (featuring Tha Trademarc) - “Untouchables”



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Voices - WWE Music Themes Mp3

Voices - Randy Orton Media Player
Holla - Kelly Kelly Media Player
Land Of Five Rivers - Khali Media Player
Man On Fire - Kane Media Player
Pain - Vladmir Kozlov Media Player
Priceless - TedDiBias Media Player
Tribal Trouble - Umaga Media Player
What's Up - R Truth Media Player
Get On You Knees - Jack Swagger Media Player
If You Rock Like Me - Smackdown Media Player
Kung Fu San Media Player
Pourqoui - Maryse Media Player
She Looks Good - Eve Torres Media Player
Ashley Media Player
Batista - I Walk Alone Media Player
Big Show - Big Mac 10 Media Player
Big Show - Crank It Up Media Player
D-Generation X - Break It Down Media Player
D-Generation X - The Kings Ran DMC Media Player
Kane - Slow Flinger Chemical Media Player
Master Piece Media Player
Rey Mysterio - Booyaka 619 Media Player
The Great Khali Media Player
Triple H - King Of The Kings Media Player
Undertaker Media Player
Bobby Lashley Media Player
Boogeyman - Coming To Get You Media Player
Carlito Media Player
Coach - Hittin Hard Media Player
Johnny Nitro Media Player
John Cena Media Player
Mark Hennry Media Player
Randy Orton - Burn In My Light Media Player
Rob Van Dam - Fury Of The Storm Media Player
Torrie Wilson - A Girl Like That Media Player
Triple H - The Game Media Player
F b i Media Player
John Cena - You Can't See Me Real Player
With Legs Like That - Maria Real Player
Theory Of Deadman Real Player
Some Bodies Gonna.. - Mark Henry Real Player
Silkk The Shocker - Im Commin Real Player
Quein Soy Yo (Who Am I) - Carlito Real Player
King Of The Kings - Triple H Real Player
I Walk Alone - Batista Real Player
Holla - Candice Real Player
Mrilyn Manson Real Player
Hard Hittin - Coach Real Player
Molly Holly Real Player
Fury Of Storm - Rob Van Dam Real Player
Maven Real Player
Crank In Up - Big Show Real Player
Matt Hardy Real Player
Burn In My Light - Randy Orton Real Player
ManKind Real Player
Booyaka 619 - Rey Mysterio Real Player
Lord Finesse Real Player
Demolition DX Real Player
A Girl Like That - Torrie Wilson Real Player
Lita's Theme Real Player
Ken Samrock Real Player
Vince Mcmahon's New Theme Real Player
Kane's New Theme Real Player
Vince Mcmahon's Old Theme Real Player
Kurt Angle's Theme Real Player
Val Venus Real Player
RVD's Theme Real Player
Union UnderGround Real Player
Kane's Explosive Theme Real Player
Trish Stratus Real Player
John Heinderic Real Player
The Undertaker's Old Theme Real Player
John Cena's BAD BAD MAN Real Player
The Undertaker's New Theme Real Player
John Cena Real Player
The Undertaker's Deadman Real Player
Hurricane Real Player
The Rock's Backlash Theme Real Player
Hulk Hogan Real Player
The Rock's Theme 2 Real Player
Hollywood Hogan Real Player
The Rock's Theme Real Player
HHH's Theme Song Real Player
Booker T Media Player
Eric BisChoff Media Player
Evolution Media Player
Shawn Michael Media Player
Apa Media Player
Atrain Po Media Player
Batista Media Player
Benoit Media Player
Big Show Media Player
Brock Lesnar Media Player
Cena Media Player
Cena 2 Media Player
Christian Last Media Player
Crash Media Player
Dawn Media Player
Eddie Media Player
Edge Media Player
F b i Media Player
Funaki Media Player
Gold Berg Media Player
Gold Dust Media Player
Hollywood Hogan Media Player
Hurricane Media Player
Jericho Media Player
Kane Media Player
Kendrick Media Player
Kerpal Media Player
Kidman Media Player
Morley Media Player
Nowinski Media Player
Raw New Media Player
Rikishi Media Player
Rock Media Player
Rock 2 Media Player
Rock 3 Media Player
Snow Media Player
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Alicia Fox Media Player
Big Dick Johnson Media Player
Brie Bella Media Player
Carlito Media Player
Chavo Guerrero Media Player
Chris Masters Media Player
Cody Rhodes Media Player
Evan Bourne Media Player
Eve Media Player
Gail Kim Media Player
Hornswoggle Media Player
Jack Swagger Media Player
Jerry Lawler Media Player
Jillian Media Player
Justin Roberts Media Player
Katie Lea Media Player
Kelly Kelly Media Player
Kofi Kingston Media Player
Mark Henry Media Player
Maryse Media Player
Melina Media Player
Michael Cole Media Player
Mr. McMahon Media Player
MVP Media Player
Nikki Bella Media Player
Primo Media Player
Randy Orton Media Player
Santino Marella Media Player
Shawn Michaels Media Player
Sheamus Media Player
Ted DiBiase Media Player
The Miz Media Player
Triple H Media Player
Curt Hawkins Media Player
Dante Media Player
David Hart Smith Media Player
Dolph Ziggler Media Player
Drew McIntyre Media Player
Edge Media Player
Finlay Media Player
Jim Ross Media Player
Jimmy Wang Yang Media Player
John Morrison Media Player
JTG Media Player
Kane Media Player
Kung Fu Naki Media Player
Layla Media Player
Luke Gallows Media Player
Maria Media Player
Matt Hardy Media Player
Matt Striker Media Player
Michelle McCool Media Player
Mickie James Media Player
Mike Knox Media Player
Natalya Media Player
R-Truth Media Player
Ranjin Singh Media Player
Rey Mysterio Media Player
Serena Media Player
Shad Media Player
Slam Master J Media Player
The Great Khali Media Player
Theodore Long Media Player
Todd Grisham Media Player
Tony Chimel Media Player
Tyson Kidd Media Player
Undertaker Media Player
Vickie Guerrero Media Player
Abraham Washington Media Player
Byron Saxton Media Player
Caylen Croft Media Player
Christian Media Player
Ezekiel Jackson Media Player
Goldust Media Player
Gregory Helms Media Player
Josh Mathews Media Player
Rosa Mendes Media Player
Savannah Media Player
Shelton Benjamin Media Player
The Hurricane Media Player
Tiffany Media Player
Tony Atlas Media Player
Trent Barreta Media Player
Tyler Reks Media Player
Vance Archer Media Player
Vladimir Kozlov Media Player
William Regal Media Player
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